We're moving to Nostr. The planetary team has taken our design, app, and philosophy over to Nostr. Our new app is nos.social.

The peer-to-peer social network with thousands of communities by and for the people.

Meet Planetary
Social media browser app

A change of paradigms

Control your algorithm

Planetary puts people first. Our algorithms are open source. You can choose which one you want to use and read the code to understand how it works.

Planetary for a truly distributed social network that doesn't keep your data in the cloud. Your data is hosted by your friends through cooperative mutual aid.

About the protocol

We're moving to Nostr. The planetary team has taken our design, app, and philosophy over to Nostr. Our new app is nos.social.

An open digital society

The future is a cooperative commons

Planetary is all about communities. Share what you love with likeminded people and make the network feel more like you.

Planetary and secure scuttlebutt are peer-to-peer but they are not a cryptocurrency or blockchain project. The protocol puts people not money at its center. We work on mutual aid, democratic self-governance, and cooperation.

Planetary communities

Built by and for the community

We make open source for a peer-to-peer social web

Planetary is building a social media commons. That includes the right of our users to see, modify, and redistribute the application and its underlying code.

We’re working together to change the world and we want you to join us.

Choose your own experience

Multiple apps to use the secure scuttlebutt protocol

Planetary runs over the Secure Scuttlebutt network. SSB is an open platform, and there are already apps for Android, Firefox and most operative systems.

We're working hard to smooth out the initial experience on Planetary but if you want to join the community over another platform, here are some of the best options:

It's all about people, not data

We're different because you're different

You have something to say and you’d like to build community without building someone else’s brand. We’re here for creators and artists, makers and hackers.

You own your content

You own your data

Your posts belong to you. You choose how and when to share them. Your data is stored locally and shared directly with your followers.

You own your content

Planetary is peer-to-peer

There’s no one big database where your posts are stored. You can connect to our relay servers or make your own.

You own your content

There's no advertising

We’re funded by providing services you actually want to pay for, not by selling your data or attention.

You own your content

We respect your privacy

Your posts belong to you. You choose how and when to share them.

Meet the crew

The team behind Planetary

Evan Henshaw-Plath

Evan Henshaw-Plath


1st Employee Twitter / Researcher MIT Media Lab. Co-founded and built neo.com consultancy to $15m/annual revenue - sold to Pivotal in 2016.

Daniel Onren Latorre

Product Leader

A product management pro with 25 years experience building human-centered, lean, and agile teams & products across a wide variety of organizations, sectors, and industries. As a founder of digital placemaking practice, Daniel helps diverse people bring humanity back to the online+offline communities they love.

Shaina Thompson

Chief of Staff

Shaina has a background in psychology and social work and passionately aims to safeguard humanity at the center of how we work.

Matt Lorentz


Matt is an iOS developer and cypherspace explorer who loves mixing big tech usability with humane tech spirit.

Filip Borkiewicz

Go Development

Filip is a software developer enthusiastic about open software and hardware. He is interested in helping with wider adoption of decentralized systems.

Sebastian Heit

Sebastian Heit


Sebastian is a product designer focused on making blockchain technologies usable for the masses. Co-founded Zimmic, CraftedCode, IxDA Montevideo. Ex Cubox, Neo, Quantstamp.

Martin Dutra

Martin Dutra

iOS Development

Martin holds a degree in Software Engineering from ORT Uruguay University. Co-founded Codeshaped, has taught programming to deaf high school students and led sign language workshops at schools. He helps organize Creative Mornings Montevideo.

Amanda Hickman

Amanda Hickman


Ran BuzzFeed’s Open Lab, Document Cloud, and the freelance futures initiative at AIR. Taught journalism at Columbia, CUNY, and UC Berkeley.

Cherese Eriepa

Cherese Eriepa

Node Development

Cherese is a software engineer who has a passion for problem solving. She’s worked on projects like Āhau, which contribute towards the benefit of Māori and indigenous communities and provides users ownership and control of tribal data.

Mix Irving

Mix Irving

Node Development

Mix is a Node developer + coordinates across the Scuttlebutt ecosystem (human connections, mentoring, technical specs, etc). You can also find him working on Āhau.

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